You can now sign up to our online campaigning training!!

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You can now sign up to our online campaigning training!!

Very exciting news – our training on online campaigning Kickstart Your Online Campaign is now live! You can officially get your place on this training.

From the Suffragettes to No More Page 3, campaigning has changed our world for the better time and time again. But when it comes to campaigning online, many people feel their knowledge is lagging behind – how do you run an online campaign, what elements do you need to include, and what strategies do you need to make them work?

Being able to win hearts and minds, raise awareness, change public opinion, and lobby decision makers, is essential to the work of campaigners, and in this internet age we live in there are more ways for us to achieve those goals. And at Fancy Guppy, we think that’s exiting!

That’s why we created Kickstart Your Online Campaign, a four-week online training course full of practical insights and advice to help you learn the best ways to campaign online, and ultimately launch your online campaign.

Whether you work for a large organisation, or you’re just one person with a passion, everyone can campaign online, and the guidance we’ll be sharing in this training will take you step by step from idea to action.

What we’ll cover:

  • Campaign strategy – your theory of change, calls to action, and evaluating your campaign
  • Designing your campaign – names, branding, and hashtags
  • Audiences – who will support you, who will be against you, and how you should communicate with them
  • Finding your ‘online home’ – where will people find you online
  • Campaign comms – what should you share, with special focus on images, video, and petitions

Upskilling campaigners on online campaigning could help us all to live in a fairer, safer, happier world. Plus, now is the ideal time to think about online campaigning, because you may have heard, we just had an election here in the UK, meaning that right now people are talking about the future direction of the county and we’ve got a whole crop of newly elected MPs – this might be the perfect time to get your issue on the agenda.

The training is really practical, by the end you’ll have an online campaign ready to go so you can start making things happen.

Plus you get access to the training forever, you’ll be able to access all the videos and materials at any time in the future, whenever you want to

Sales for Kickstart Your Online Campaign will end on Friday 30th June, so don’t miss out, sign up now.

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