Free webinar: How to plan an online campaign

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Free webinar: How to plan an online campaign

Being able to win hearts and minds, raise awareness, change public opinion, and lobby decision makers, is essential to the work that the sector does. From the Suffragettes to No More Page 3, campaigning has changed our world for the better time and time again.

But when it comes to making use of digital and campaigning online, in much of the sector knowledge is lagging behind. Upskilling the sector on online campaigning could help us all to live in a fairer, safer, happier world. You only need to look at examples of some organisations making fantastic use of online campaigning to see the potential – Thames Valley Police’s highly amusing and effective ‘Tea and Consent’, the Salvation Army South Africa’s controversial response to #TheDress, and Great Ormond Street’s moving ‘One Day at GOSH’ video, to name but a few.

Plus, now is the ideal time to think about online campaigning, because you may have heard, there’s an election on here in the UK. And of course, there are important things to think about when it comes to campaigning during an election period and ensuring you’re complying with the law, but that doesn’t mean we can’t campaign at all. In fact, this might be a great time to try and get your issue on the agenda.

We believe that with the right things in place, anyone with passion and a cause can get a campaign going online.

Which is why we’re running a free webinar on how to plan an online campaign.

On Wednesday 21st June at 1pm, you can join us live as we take you through 4 key steps to planning your online campaign; issue, action, identity, and comms. We’ll be letting you know everything you need to get started campaigning, and there’ll also be time for you to get your questions answered.

Whether you work for a large organisation, or you’re just one person with a passion, everyone can campaign online, and the guidance we’ll be sharing in this session will help you get going. And the other great thing about it – it’s completely free to attend!

If you’d like to learn more about online campaigning, join us on Wednesday 21st June at 1pm. Book your place here.
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