Yes, our logo isn’t actually a fancy guppy.

Three pairs on flip-flops on a rock ledge next to the ocean.

Yes, our logo isn’t actually a fancy guppy.

We’re getting noticed! I’m pleased to say that clearly what we’ve been doing to increase the visibility of Fancy Guppy online has been working. We are moving up the search rankings. Which is great news 😊 Although, one of the ways I know that we’re getting more attention is kind of unusual. Recently we’ve received messages from fish experts and fans about the fact that our logo isn’t actually a fancy guppy.

So, I thought it would be good to write a blog to address this. Firstly, just to say, yes, we do realise that the logo isn’t a fancy guppy.

As anyone familiar with us will know, we don’t actually do anything with fancy guppies, or indeed any type of fish. We help non-profits do more with digital – be it communications, fundraising, events, projects, or marketing (and you can read more about what we do on the ‘About us’ section of the website).

The brand is broadly ocean themed, we use a lot of different images of the sea and creatures that live there (including mermaids!). That’s because it’s based on a metaphor, comparing digital to the ocean. I talk about this more in this blog – Doing digital in the third sector – which introduces Fancy Guppy to the world, but here’s the gist:

“This is the way I see it. Digital, the internet, and technology is like this vast ocean. When you’re above the water, standing on the beach and looking out over it, it looks vast, bleak and insurmountable. Where do you start in uncovering this mysterious thing? But, if you put on some flippers and a snorkel you can go in the water, and then you’ll see this amazing coral reef teaming with life and colour. That is the metaphor that Fancy Guppy is based on – I want to help you embrace digital, get in the water and see the creativity and opportunity that digital presents when you’ve got the equipment and knowledge you need to dive in.”

So, it’s not really about the fancy guppy specifically for us. Our branding represents the beauty and diversity of ocean life. And whether you’re a guppy or a goldfish, you’re welcome at Fancy Guppy!

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