Social media strategy.

“Michaela’s work on our social media strategy helped us engage people who ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in what we do. Our work is a conversation with the community, and Michaela allowed us to speak to the community with a warm, human voice.


“It’s important to us to that we get the maximum value out of every event we put on and every report we write. Michaela helped us do this by ensuring all these things were publicised to the widest possible audience. With the development and structures she put in place staff here are now aware of how to use social media to promote our work, extract and publicise key messages, and engage funders and the wider public about it.


“Since Michaela started work on our social media, we’ve been much more focused on doing the things that really matter to our organisation – we’ve had great conversations with decision makers, had good feedback about interesting things we’ve sent to funders, and managed to keep communities engaged with our projects. Being networked with a number of different audiences is important to an organisation like ours. Michaela understands this and showed us how to make our time on social media really count.”


-Ghiyas Somra

Research and Communications Manager, brap

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