Why we created our free monthly social media calendars.

Fancy Guppy January 2017

Why we created our free monthly social media calendars.

To cut directly to the chase, we’ve made a social media calendar that you can use to plan your social media posts for the month. And you can download it for FREE 😃! (this link is to our January 2017 calendar, you can get access to the newest one here).

A new year is the perfect time to start doing more with your social media accounts. To help support your plans, we’ve marked notable events coming up. And we’ve provided extra detail, like links where you can find more information, and Twitter and Facebook accounts of people running the campaigns, and relevant hashtags. We’ve also included some Twitter chats that you might want to take part in.

But, this is not the entire point of this blog. I also want to talk about why we’ve made this calendar.

The internet, and more specifically social media, is important in the modern, digital world that we live in. We all know it. On average, adults in the UK spend the equivalent of one day a week online – 42% say they go online or check apps more than 10 times a day, and 11% do so more than 50 times a day. If you can believe it, on average in the UK we now spend more time on media and communications than we do sleeping. A recent report by the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, found that 70% of UK adults used social media in the past year, and of those who use social media, over two thirds do so at least once a day.

And the third sector is increasingly catching up with the popularity of social media. In the 2016 Lloyds UK Digital Index, 36% of charities agreed or completely agreed that a social media presence can help them raise funds (an increase from 23% in 2015), and 44% of charities said they have created social media communities to engage with their supporters (an increase from 31% in 2015).

So, more people are using the internet more often, and social media is growing and gaining more prominence. With all of this, the difference between just having a social media account, and having an account that stands out from the crowd, is getting wider. Good social media is not something that happens by accident, and that’s why planning is essential.

I’ve worked on comms and digital comms for charities, so I know how hard your job is already – you’ve got to get your message across, but social media is just one of the things you’ve got to do, all with limited time and resources. You know what you’re doing is important and makes a difference, and I know it is too, which is why I want to support you, I believe this calendar can help you in your work, which is why I’m happy to make it available to you!

Here’s why I think it will work for you; because it worked for me. When I did the job, a calendar – like this one we’ve made for you – is what I used to plan my social media outputs. During my time working on digital comms at different charities I used a number of approaches and tools to plan and manage social media accounts. I’ve trialed and developed this method, so that you don’t have to (lucky you 😉)! For this calendar, here at Fancy Guppy we’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from research, engaging with charity staff, and experience of actually doing the job. This works. That’s why we’ve made it, and made it freely available. So much so that we use it – the picture on this blog is Fancy Guppy’s January 2017 social media calendar.

To be clear, this calendar is not everything you will ever need for your social media work, it’s a first step to better managing your accounts.

There are a lot of articles and blogs and so on out there about how you can, or ‘should’, be doing x, y, and z with social media – like posting more video, going live, monitoring your stats, etc. I’m not saying they’re wrong, but realistically, you’ve got to build up to it! Once I started managing social media accounts and entered the labyrinth of social media advice, it was like information overload! If you’re looking to do more with your organisation’s social media, but have found the volume of information and advice overwhelming, I know what you’re feeling, I’ve been there!

Which is why, for now, we’re starting with this calendar, it’s a first step that you can take. We’ll be following this up with more blogs, training, and of course, more calendars.

Download your free calendar for this month, use it, and let us know what you think.

We really hope you’ll find this calendar useful. We gave the January calendar to everyone as a free sample, but once you’ve come to the end of the month it’s still not over, because you can keep getting free calendars every month – all you have to do to get it is subscribe. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! And, we think you’ll really like the newsletter too – it’s full of our latest blogs, tips, polls, and digital and third sector news.

Download the January 2017 calendar here.

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Open laptop displaying Fancy Guppy's January 2018 social media calendar.
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